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Kneaded Massage Works

Specializing in Relaxation, Sports massage, Reflexology and On-Site Seated Massage

Although there are many benefits of receiving regular massage, we don’t bother you with marketing schemes. Just offer a great service to help you relax, stay healthy and balanced from an experienced massage therapist when you need it.

Welcome to Kneaded Massage Works

As a licensed massage therapist since 1995, owner Ken St. Pierre, LMT provides a wide array of massage therapy services to his client that target sports training and injury, leg, hip, back, shoulder or neck issues, migraine headaches, or stress. In addition to an office in Andover, Kneaded Massage Works additionally offers seated massage therapy in the workplace, servicing corporate clients such as Philips Medical and Pfizer.

As a graduate of the accredited Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ken combines a solid knowledge of anatomy and physiology with specialized massage techniques.

To stay current and refreshed in his techniques, Ken frequently partakes in an array of continuing education classes that specialize in sports massage, reflexology, soft tissue release, stretching and of course, relaxation. These specialized courses have allowed Ken to craft sessions that are specifically tailored to each and every one of his client’s individual and unique massage needs.

Integrity, honesty, and respect are only a few virtues that Ken adheres to, not only in his daily business but in his personal life as well. That is the foundation that Kneaded Massage Works is built upon. Ken takes time to personally connect with each and every one of his clients, focused on understanding their areas of concern. Only then can Ken actively relieve and educate his clients of their current tension and discomfort, so that they can maximize their own health and well being for living a long, healthy and balanced life.

Give The Gift of Massage


"I have been going to Ken for massage therapy since 1999! He is very knowledgeable and an absolutely outstanding massage therapist. When I first saw him, both of my arms were numb from tight muscles pressing on those nerves. He was the only massage therapist who was thorough enough to work on those knots and release them. My arms are no longer numb, thanks to Ken. He can get in and really do deep tissue massage, but can do whatever type of massage is called for. He also is really great at foot/reflexology massages. He was a huge help in getting me recovered from a recent bout of hip bursitis. Between the massage and his range of motion work, I was better way faster than I would have been without him. I highly recommend Ken!


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